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Matthew Rubin

Digital Banking & FinTech


Matthew is focused on serving clients and solving problems in the digital banking and FinTech ecosystem, helping some of the leading banking and insurance institutions in North and South America. His work history, combined with life experiences, have provided Matthew the opportunity to see technology influence banking at two FinTechs, two major financial institutions and now with McKinsey & Co. Matthew currently sits on the management team of McKinsey PFIC Panorama, a knowledge center within the Firm that focuses on banking data and FinTech insights. The Panorama team is over forty people, with the headquarters in Budapest and offices in London, Singapore, Nairobi, India, NYC and Miami.

In his role, Matthew helps financial institutions track, understand and respond to changes in the FinTech landscape. He’s also responsible for the Silicon Alley FinTech tours and regularly speaks with financial institutions in helping them evaluate and partner with FinTechs.

Educated at the University of Virginia, Matthew graduated from the McIntire School of Commerce and received the William F. O’Dell Distinguished Award in marketing. In his spare time, he enjoys rooting for the Yankees, drinking Japanese whiskey and reading historical non-fiction. His current focus is on leading mobile banking innovations, the emergence  of APIs to enable banking as a platform and discussing the trend of ecosystems.